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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Trump: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Is there anyone on this planet who would be surprised by this:
Thousands of U.S. hotels have volunteered to help local authorities house doctors, nurses and other medical personnel at reduced rates — or even free — during the covid-19 pandemic.

President Trump’s White House has praised these efforts. But so far, none of Trump’s own hotels are known to be participating.
Those thousands of hotels and motels have offered to house medical personnel so they can stay close to work and possibly not bring the virus home to their families.

None of them are Trump properties. Because "giving back" is something that nobody in Trump's family would ever do.


dinthebeast said...

This is actually more important than it sounds. In China, an essential part of the containment strategy was isolation, which had to go hand in hand with testing and contact tracing. They temperature tested people on the street and pulled the fevers to testing centers. Those who tested positive were not allowed to go home, as they had found the largest factor in the virus' spread was people getting infected and then bringing it home and infecting their families.
So they had to be housed and supported until they were either well or died, and the more numerous "milder" cases simply had to be isolated in hotel rooms until they were no longer contagious.
I have doubts that measures that extreme would fly here, but they do remain the most successful tactics at overcoming the spread of the disease.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

That process was used in Massachusetts back in 1918 flu epidemic.

The public health people resorted to self quarantine and it worked.
However over the years forced quarantine have been applied to
Typhoid and TB carriers both of which spread the same way.

Generally is force needs to be applied to KNOWN sick CV-19 cases
than so it be.


bearsense said...

There’s always eminent domain.
Just declare an emergency and seize the properties. Fill them up as needed and let the crime family sue ..... and appeal, etc.