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Friday, April 17, 2020

Nothing Like Good Old Corruption

A high-ranking Interior Department official is under fire over her role in securing access to billions of dollars in coronavirus aid for a handful of wealthy Alaska corporations, including one that previously employed her as a lobbyist and top executive.

Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Tara Sweeney is among a small group of Interior officials advising the Treasury Department on how to distribute $8 billion in rescue funding Congress earmarked for Native American tribes
Diverting money that was designated to go to Indian tribes and tribal organizations to for-profit entities that have a relationship with the diverter is one of the oldest forms of grifting the Treasury that there is.

The only one that may be even older is selling rotten meat and wormy hardtack to the Army and the Navy.


Ten Bears said...

Ever it has been thus. Smallpox blankets, maggot meat, liquor stores.

Though in some circles it is thought The Ghost Dance may actually be working, few decades late, billions of dollars short. That's OK though, if they all kill themselves off.

JustMusing said...

The rot is wide and deep. https://departmentofinfluence.org/person/tara-sweeney/