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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise (Instructional)

The brand new DME!


LRod said...

While all that's nice from the cockpit's point of view, what DME did for air traffic control was bring it out of the Dark Ages, up to an Industrial Age operation just waiting for the electronic revolution radar would shortly bring.

Up until the advent of DME, enroute longitudinal separation was achieved in huge blocks of airspace defined by ten minutes. A relatively small chunk at 120 Kts, but dozens of miles of it at 500 Kts (yes, jets flew at 500 Kts before OPEC). The handbook (ANC in those days, then later FAAH 7110.9, followed by FAAH 7110.65 in the '70s), specified ten minutes OR 20 miles as DME was introduced, but even more importantly gave us drastically reduced airspace restriction in diverging tracks, initial separation off airports, and holding.

DME was already well in place when I started, but there were still plenty of airplanes flying without it, demonstrating how dramatic its introduction was. Lest anyone think it didn't matter with radar, I will point out that until the advent of digitized radar, our AGS sector at ZJX was completely non-radar below 10,000' and without a transponder, was non-radar below FL180. Approach control was non-radar 5,000 and below. We did a lot of non-radar separation in ZJX.


DTWND said...

When I worked at ZHU in the early 80's, west of Austin, Texas was mostly non-radar below 6000. Lots of paper stops, EFC's, and position reports issued to the numerous single engine aircraft without DME traveling there. Several crazy memories come to mind, one involving a Bonanza that went past his clearance limit. When questioned, he said he didn't think we were serious.


Antibubba said...

The still frame that video shows looks like Rush Limbaugh with a headset, so I was expecting a very different sort of jet noise!