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Friday, April 17, 2020

How Trump and Boeing Save Us Money

The replacement VC-25s, which Trump claimed to "renegotiate" because the program was going to cost $4.4 billion, will cost $5.3 billion.

Not the $3.9 billion that Trump claimed, not by a long shot. Trump got the number down by "forgetting" to include the cost of a lot of ancilliary costs, including $84 million for the repair manuals.

So much winning. Are you tired of winning, yet?


CenterPuke88 said...

The question I have is where was money reallocated, and to whom?

JustMusing said...

To all of *president's buddies. Hands out for more handouts. Billions sucked up and never seen again. Won't have to pay any taxes either! This is the winning the Orange Pimp keeps bloviating about. Saving my "stimulus" check to contribute to help candidates flip red seats and White House to blue. Then we can "mole" hunting and root out the deeply burrowed in maggots. No offense to moles intended.