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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Gun Q&A

Ian's monthly Q&A session.

It's just over an hour long, but you can use the time index of questions to skip around. The last one is a lot of fun.

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Tod Germanica said...

Thanks for the link, these vids are quite educational. Watched the one on the Swedish K gun, heard a lot about this 'sanitized' spook weapon in Nam.
I also didn't know the old heel based bullet was made obsolete by the Russian aversion to outside lubed cartridges, leaving only (I believe) the .22 LR as the last atavistic holdover.
If the disease lasts two years, as predicted, I'll be a pseudo antique firearms know-it-all by the time we shall be released. My bored family and friend will hate you for giving us the link as I drone on and on about calibers and land and groves and production figures while their eyes glaze over. But I'm digging it.