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Monday, April 13, 2020

Covid-19 Lungs

As explained in the video,the CT scan was of a patient who was not yet sick enough to require intubation.

He later did and he died.

Let's recap one thing: Covid-19 is not the flu. Those who say that it is should be given the respect and consideration due to flat-earthers and those who believe in chemtrails.


bobsboats said...

None of the people who believe in chem-trails or a flat earth cause me to be more likely to die, as far as I know. All my other rights depend on me being alive to enjoy them, so these people deserve scorn and possible legal sanction for putting other's lives at risk. The Republicans are mounting a PR campaign (Newt! Bill Bennett! Bill O'Reilly! Rush! Sean!) that has as it's basic premise that our right to make ourselves rich is more important than your puny lives, so back to work, serfs.
Sadly, most Americans really won't have a choice, and we will see a resurgence that is completely preventable. The second wave of the "Spanish Flu" was the deadliest.

seafury said...

Very well said bob. Don't forget that while some who listen to el presidente and his spokespeople, will die, they'll do so willingly. As long as one more liberal dies it's a win. And let's say next year at this time it's 100,000 deaths that's 100,000 who won't game the system for SS, Medicare, Medicaid. Remember, no self respecting conservative signs up for SS. And 100,000 who won't be stealing resources from winners ( the presidents supporters) maybe if we're lucky it'll be 200,000. Maybe more, the winning will grow exponentially.

Comrade Misfit said...

Seafury, Ayn Rand took SS benefits.

bobsboats said...

And her "greatest" acolyte Paul (rich lobbyist) Ryan got through college on SS benefits. And now, since we just gave about 4 trillion to "Wall Street" the cat food committee will be forming (again) to tell you we just can't afford the current benefits.