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Saturday, April 18, 2020

It's Not "Just the Flu".

Two graphs from The New Atlantis illustrate that:

Nationwide, COVID-19 is posed to be the leading cause of non-criminally caused death in this country. It's not "just the flu". Anyone saying that is an imbecile who should not be listened to under these circumstances.


DTWND said...

I would present the argument that anyone that argues otherwise, should not be listened to under ANY circumstances. By positing that this is 'just the flu' indicates to me that the speaker is being contrarian to the facts. How can we listen to their voice on any other subject, knowing that they purposely slanting facts and creating propaganda to fit their preconceived agenda?

Fool me once, shame on me. Try to fool me twice, I call you out on your bullshit.


seafury said...

Ummm it's just the flu, the president told me so. Gotta run I'm late for the protest meeting. We're gonna OWN them libs. Oh and gotta stop at Walmart and get ammo. Maga kag

Pigpen51 said...

I am a conservative,and while I don't like President Trump, I have supported much of the agenda that he has pursued. But I do have to say, not for a second have I ever thought that this is just another flu. First it is much more virulent than the normal flu that we deal with every year.
And it seems to be a strange illness,since some people with it, don't exhibit any symptoms at all, not even knowing they have it, while others are so ill that they must be hospitalized, and at times intubated. And like the flu, many people end up dying from this virus. They seem to be gaining more information all the time, as to who are most vulnerable to the worst symptoms, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, copd,and others.
What is disagreed upon is how best to treat this pandemic. And while on one side they are quite clear as to wanting to quarantine people, there are many others, who are just as qualified, and they believe in more limited quarantines, for only those who have either confirmed cases or have been in contact with those who have been confirmed with the virus.
The main problem is that this has quickly become a political issue, instead of a medical or health issue.


CenterPuke88 said...

No, pigpen, the problem around here is that of the four largest counties in the area, one (mine) is still on the case upswing. The other common factors are: no mask requirement and very limited mask use, less than full shutdown of non-essential businesses, protests by local “Conservative” groups about the stay at home direction. It’s becoming very clear that overall the initial success of closings has engendered a false sense of security and overreaction. I expect things to get considerably worse here while they improve nearby...until our spillover drags the area down again.

With the facts clear that asymptomatic carriers are a threat like no other, the refusal of a majority of people in an area to wear a mask is perplexing, at best, or just stupid. Seeing the pictures of the protests, the unmasked, screaming faces spraying spittle and venom, is frightening.

Eck! said...

For those that feel its just the flu I get to shoot you if you arrive at my home.

Extreme, yes, but if it is not the "flu" and I get it from you I am in the group likely to die. I will claim self defense.
For all I know you have it and are asymptomatic and like a rabid dog or typhoid Mary. I have to act in my and my families self interest.

Now reconsider your position:
It may be harmless to some or or most except when it isn't.
Its easy to catch save for only about 1 in 3 seem to catch it,
that we know of.
For those that do catch it it may be mild or not...
If your one of the one that gets the nasty version one in about 6
chance it will kill you or try to.
IF your able to survive you may be hit with extreme medical bills, months
of rehab.

I call bullshit on all of you. IF your posting likely you ass is at home hiding from the CORONA Virus. Hint bitches its not influenza. Thats bot a technical fact
and significant.

FYI it can really be the flu or even a common cold until we have enough testing (more then maybe 1-2% of the people in the us) that bug that was mild like mine back in late Feburary (a flu than put me out for three days) could be COVID or
not. Until you know and can find out, you haven't a clue.

You have a fucking brain why is it that you do not to listen to people that apparently know a hell of a lot more than you. So far the defense you give is not enough people have died and projections are wrong. Damn it we sure as hell hope they are wrong and mitigation measures like isolation are why the death rate is not so extreme.

Any curve more than a week old is only a picture of what was believed based on known data then. If mitigation such as isolation and quarantine are working then the projections SHOULD look more extreme than reality. That's the goal stupid fucks, that is too not live up to the projections.

But hey by all means go party, protest and all, just remember if you get
it and die you are hazardous waste and will be buried or burned without
family. Why? Because no one wants to die handling your dumb virus
laden ass. Oddly with all the dead piling up we do know that.

What if there's a 1:300 chance that you will get it and be one of the survivors
with permanent lung or heart damage. Think of how life will be dragging a bottle of O2 or can't do much with that fucked up heart better chance of both. OH, and yu need to work so that your not out on the street or in a home where COVed with lurk for years.

Go ahead, Place your bets. Better yet go to NYC and party there.


dinthebeast said...

OK, from the world of science we got good news and bad news yesterday.
The good news is that sunlight and humidity do seem to weaken the virus, and the bad news is that it's likely that far more people are infected with it than previously thought.
So it seems likely that the heat and humidity of summer will beat it back some in the areas where it gets hot and humid, and that when it cools back down we'll be right back where we are now unless we make some serious progress on a couple of fronts.
One of those fronts, pharmacology, seems to have some very promising drugs in trials right now.
Whether they can be finished and deployed into the public in time for the second wave of infections is doubtful, so perhaps some resources should be deployed toward making that happen, as I have very little confidence that a national testing/contact tracing regime will ever be set up under the current administration.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Pigpen51 said...


With that attitude, and following the same logic, if you drive a car, over the speed limit,I have the right to kill you, because you represent a threat to my health and possibly to my life.
I am not really understanding if people who have supported the quarantine actually understand the reason that they said that we needed a quarantine, or if they are just following orders, because they come from the government. Because we were told that the reason for the quarantine was to flatten the curve, or in other words, to spread the spike of illnesses out over a longer period of time, in order to keep from slamming our hospitals, and give them a chance to keep the patients coming in at a slow and steady pace, instead of all at once, and being too much to deal with at one time.
Now that we have been under a quarantine here in Michigan for several weeks, it would seem that the curve has flattened,and that they can now start to allow limited business begin to reopen. Because the number of cases is not going to be changed by the quarantine, all that is doing is delaying the cases for a time, to give the medical community the time to treat patients without having too stress and possibility of mistakes being made. Since we have flattened that much talked about curve, then, there is no reason to keep a full quarantine. If the quarantine is actually for the reasons that they said, and not for political reasons, which, the longer it lasts,becomes increasingly more of a concern.
I do hope that you were merely being dramatic in saying that you should shoot anyone arriving at your home. Either that, or don't place any Amazon orders until this is all over. It does seem that you are bringing violence into what should have been a discussion. A passionate discussion, due to the seriousness, but still just a discussion. Since it seems like I am the denominator her that brings out anger, I will sadly leave. It is sad,not because I like to argue,or to try and prove myself right and others wrong, but because I learn more when discussing things with people who disagree with me. In any case,I wish everyone safety ,and their family and friends the same.


CenterPuke88 said...

Pigpen, the issue is that the curve has been flattened in some areas and not others. Some areas are still going up, so how do we distinguish who is from where in, for instance, adjacent counties? If we open up too quickly, the curve will spike...if we open up too slowly there is a lose of economic growth. The two are hardly equal.

Eck! said...


Your initital comments did say much useful unlike your last so yes
you are inciting a reaction and then going "wut happened". I gave
you a reaction that your writings deserved, I'ts not my place your
leaving or not is not in my control. What you write has to be
complete and try to communicate a coherent thought. After reading
idiotic trash mouths you got the lucky number.

Your driving example is if I'm speeding you can get out of the way.
Either that or don't lay in the road or step in front of me. More
likely I'd try to avoid you. After all I have no wish to even
get out of the car. Better to not hit you.

If you approach and cough, How can I know for sure your safe or
just trying to incite a riot. As to the others mentioned they
keep their distance, no issue.

Otherwise what you have explained is no news to me. The trick was
waiting till there is a death toll rather that being active early.
If any one doubted it was coming back in March and waited they did
the fail. I do understand quarantine, more so isolation and
started long before the orange hair idiot or anyone else said
do that.

As to death rate and sick people yes what is being done hold that
down to keep the hospitals functional assuming you don't have
cancer or heart condition that required immediate response.
While it make do what needed now its effect long term is known
until we have an effective treatment that works and hopefully
eventually a vaccine we have to keep our distance. If not we
are just going back o thee races. The number of cases are
lowered for quarantine, the previous 10 years of epidemics
have proved that. IF you keep people apart long enough
there is limited deaths. The time gained is critical
and does change the total numbers.

In the mean time people at risk need to be protected if only
because of being over 65. It should not mean you are going
to die if you get this. However those stats suck as in those
that have died are older! the only protection is to keep away
from you and anyone else.

So yes breaking my (our) isolation would be considered cause
for significant action. Death is the far extreme case.
You would have to prove your not a carrier, you can't at this
point. That means keep out.


B said...
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Dark Avenger said...

38,000 so far dead. That’s over triple the deaths from H1N1 under Obama. But Trumpistas will never draw the obvious conclusion about the competence of both leaders.

B said...

Yet, oddly, despite 14,000 of those from the New York City area, it isn't Cuomo's fault at all.

See, if you take NYC out of the equation this isn't that bad of a disease. If you take the East coast out than this is a very small outbreak. Why is that?

If they had shut down the Subways/trains/busses then NYC and the surrounding area would likely be like the rest of the country.
Instead, a third of the cases in the US came from a (relatively) small area of the country.

I don't see anyone blaming Cuomo and DeBlasio for those 14,000 deaths. They are just as responsible, if not moreso.

Please, feel free to explain the disparity in cases (and deaths) between the Greater NYC area and the rest of the country. Maybe you can blame the Republicans for it if you twist things hard enough.

Dark Avenger said...

Yet, oddly, despite 14,000 of those from the New York City area, it isn't Cuomo's fault at all.

So, it’s only twice as much of you remover NYS. Victory!

If they had shut down the Subways/trains/busses then NYC and the surrounding area would likely be like the rest of the country.

The problem is, and which you seem eager to avoid, is the the population density of NYC relies on the buses and subways, unlike the rest of the country.

Please, feel free to explain the disparity in cases (and deaths) between the Greater NYC area and the rest of the country. Maybe you can blame the Republicans for it if you twist things hard enough.


B said...

So dying is ok, as long as you can travel?
I thought all those folks were on lockdown anyway? They can't go anywhere, just like the rest of us are not supposed to go anywhere. SO why do they need the busses and subways? Stores for food are a block or two away...
How do you Socially Distance in a train car with a hundred other people packed like sardines in a can?

What you fail to understand (or are simply being obtuse) is that in a tiny area of the country, about 12 million people account for about 1/3 (14,000+) of the deaths. Please, explain. 12 million people account for 1/3 of the deaths in a country of 365 million. the other 30,000 are spread out over all the rest. Something odd there.

Dark Avenger said...

So dying is ok, as long as you can travel?

Look up false dichotomy.

Who was it who said it would be gone by this month, B? Who promised us it would go away when the weather gets warmer.

And I already explained to you that the ridership was 10% of normal use. Hardly sardines packed together. You can check it out if you don’t believe me, although some would say you are allergic to letting facts get in the way for blaming anyone but Trump,

If you want to continue to cover for him, that’s your business. Mine is telling the truth.