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Friday, April 3, 2020

COVID Claims an Aviation Giant

If you are active in the WW2 warbird community, you may have heard of or run across Randy Sohn. A retired Northwest Airlines captain, he had been active in the Commemorative Air Force for decades. When the CAF resurrected their B-29, Fifi, Capt. Sohn was the pilot who flew it out of China Lake. When Boeing restored a Stratoliner, Capt. Sohn was the examiner who tested Boeing's pilots for their type ratings. When it came to large piston-engined airplanes, Capt. Sohm was qualified to fly all of them and to issue type ratings in all of them.

He was more than willing to share his knowledge about anything. He was online for decades, though his typing was so bad that he was informally known as "Rnady". He wrote quite a bit about flying those old airplanes, which you can read here.

He will be missed by missed by a lot of people, including me.

Fair winds, Rnady.


Deadstick said...

There once were giants.

CenterPuke88 said...

All the knowledge and skills he imparted to others in no way mitigates the huge loss of his death. As the pilots who flew the big pistons all fade away, will some of the attraction fade too, as interest maybe moves to the jets?

Borepatch said...

We stand on the shoulders of Giants. Rest in peace.

BadTux said...

And you still have #covidiots who will insist that the "beer virus" is just a liberal conspiracy to make Twitler look bad all the way up until the time they cough their lungs out and gasp their last breath as they slump across the handlebars of their Hoverrounds in Walmart. And then their next of kin will still insist it's nothing.