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Monday, May 23, 2011

Beware of the Sand People in Pakistan

The Pakistan Taliban launched a brazen attack on a Pakistani naval base, killing at least 11 people and destroying two spy planes provided by the United States.
The [Pakistani] interior minister, Rehman Malik, made the bizarre statement that the terrorists resembled… Star Wars characters.
I'm presuming that it was the Tusken Raiders (and that they were not riding banthas). I can't see Jawas carrying out such an attack.

Naval bases, even air bases, are near cities. It's hard for them not to be, for a harbor that offers the protections desired in a port will also naturally make that harbor attractive for commerce. So there will be a lot more people, homes and businesses around, not like an army base that can be dropped at the corner of No and Where. A base in an built-up area is going to be harder to defend, not the least because it can't be done by having several miles of empty territory around the vital areas. Without installing sensors to detect intrusions, it would take a sizable active patrol force to even know that an attack was underway, at least before the attackers made their presence known. It's also highly doubtful that the attackers just hit the base and blew stuff up randomly.

Having said all that, fifteen hours to react and defeat a small force of attackers seems somewhat excessive.

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