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Thursday, May 19, 2011

So, Are You Going to Hold a "Rapture" Party?

There are quite a few people who think that the Rapture will come at 6PM local time on Saturday. In case you want to check on the exact timing of the Rapture, Kiribati is at +14 UTC, which is 18 hours ahead of the Eastern US. (Or, if you want to be sure, New Zealand is at +12 UTC, or 16 hours ahead of Eastern time, in case the rapture-organizers don't want to kick off the festivities at some pissant atolls.)

I suppose that in a way, it's kind of easy to mock the people who have pretty much quit their jobs and sold their possessions in order to prepare for being raptured on Saturday. But in a way, I sort of feel bad for them, because if nothing happens on Saturday, then they are going to be feeling all kinds of foolish. And I won't be too surprised if one or more of them decides to go looking for ol' Harold Camping with an eye toward making sure that Harold (with a few more holes in his body) gets to see St. Peter in very short order.


Eck! said...

Rapture? My foot.

I will not allow it as I have a plan to see a friend next month. Now if they mean rain, yes we got that.


BadTux said...

Rupture, maybe. Will be down in the city picnic'ing on Chrissie Field and strolling along the waterfront watching the Chinese ships bring cheap Chinese goods into port and American jobs out of port. Might stroll along the Golden Gate Bridge just to take photos of the idiot tourists taking photos of their headless kids standing by the guardrail. (Well, headless after they chop off the kid's head because for some reason they're always aiming *down* with their camera....).

- Badtux the "Planning a nice sunny spring day" Penguin

Joe said...

Post time for the Preakness Stakes is 6:05 PM. Sorry, I'll have to miss the Rapture.