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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prediction: If We Lose Our Freedoms....

... it will be due to the actions of the Republican party. This article in Slate argues that the GOP is engaging in a deliberate campaign to desensitize Americans to the loss of our civil liberties.

The unasked (and unanswered) question is: Why?

Why do today's Republicans hate the idea of civil liberties and freedoms? Why is it that the Republicans today denounce the strategy of Ronald Reagan, to use our civil liberties and the rule of law against those who would harm us, now is a sign of weakness. This was Reagan's policy (page 3 of the document):
Another important measure we have developed in our overall strategy is applying the rule of law to terrorists. Terrorists are criminals. They commit criminal actions like murder, kidnapping, and arson, and countries have laws to punish criminals. So a major element of our strategy has been to delegitimize terrorists, to get society to see them for what they are -- criminals -- and to use democracy’s most potent tool, the rule of law against them.
But if President Obama's administration were to offer the same words, everyone from the Saudi mouthpieces on Fox News to the GOP blowhards in the Congress, would be aghast and outraged.

Why is the GOP working so hard to dismantle the rule of law? Why are they so intent on transforming this nation into the world's most powerful rogue nation?

What is their goal? Why are they doing this?



Ruckus said...

What is their goal? Why are they doing this?
Raw greed and power.
They have the emotional maturity of 6 year olds. So they are afraid of everything. Probably including the dark. They believe anything that has to be taken on faith. Because then they don't have to understand, only believe. And because they are 6 they don't have to understand the hard stuff. So religion is supreme and science is icky.
And they can not see how anyone can hold any other ideas.
So if you do have actual intellectual thought, their 6 year old minds say they have to make fun of you and if that doesn't work they try to get rid of you, by any means. And because they are 6 they don't understand the consequences of their thought or actions.

Nangleator said...

If they get into power again, they'll never, ever, ever let a 'disaster' like 2008 happen again.

All the accusations we've heard from them... we'll understand why those ideas were at the forefront of their thoughts.

Allan S said...

If you can "supersize" your enemies, you can dupe the populace and hence get the power and finacial rquirements to combat these "super villians".

Your best defense from this propaganda used to be the media, but they failed America in a grand way this century. Vehicals like these blogs seem to be the last line of defense against totalitarism.

Joe said...

I suspect this is why Republicans are so angry at President Obama: They didn't care about Reagan's violations of civil rights, because government oppression would only be used against "them" -- dopers, commies, meskins, arabs.

Now, all that oppressive machinery has been inherited by someone who's not obviously "us". Now, they can finally see what they've done, and they're terrified of what's ahead.