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Friday, February 19, 2010

FBI on the Anthrax Attacks: "It Were the Dead Guy What Done It"

The FBI has closed the anthrax case, saying they are satisfied that the late Dr. Bruce Ivins did it.

Keep in mind, however, that the FBI was so convinced that Dr. Steven Hatfill did it that the FBI agents stalked Hatfill. Just as the FBI did when they were trying to frame Richard Jewell, the FBI invited reporters to witness the execution of search warrants. It was all extreme bullshit, carried out to try and force a false confession. The government had to pay him several million dollars to settle his lawsuit against the FBI.

A dead guy did it.

How convenient for the FBI.

1 comment:

J. said...

Okay, so it took eight years, but I really do believe the FBI got the right guy. Read the report, Ivins was a sick puppy. It's more like the Maj Hasan case - people see a walking time bomb and they decided that it wasn't their job to report it.