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Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Goddamn Expensive Mutt

A quarter-million for a guard dog, or $50,000 for a non-championship grade one.

For average deterrence, still seems like a lot. The guy who bought the quarter-mil mutt did so because he would seem to be a professional-grade scumbag.

Smart move, though, getting the fact that you've got such a dog published in a newspaper. Anyone who goes to take you out will now know to bring a tranq-gun, strong netting or just an off-the-shelf repeating shotgun. Seigfreid der Vunder-Hund isn't going to be much good after a couple of face-fulls of #4 buckshot.


Tim said...

For 50,000 I'll put on a muzzle and bark.

w3ski said...

I have 2 Saint Bernard/Lab Dogs. 120 pounds of active dog each.
Mostly they guard the couch really well.
I don't lock my front door anymore either, If you are that determined to get dragged down and bit hard it's your choice.
When they wake me barking I am the one in the back, with the buckshot.
They each only cost me $50 bucks at the pound and would each give their life for me.
In fact I could use a prowler, Dawg food isn't cheap.

wolfbitch said...

For $230,000, I'll put on a muzzle, bark, bite intruders in the groin, and have a litter of puppies.