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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pay No Attention to the Sound of Edward R. Murrow Spinning in His Grave

This is why: Daily Show's Moment of Zen.

To rip off a quote from Serenity: "There is no news. There is only the truth of the signal. And, there's the puppet theater the corporate jesters foist on the somnambulant public."

FSM forbid that the news shows ever pay attention to the point that the energy extraction companies have been funding the bullshit climate change deniers in the same way that the tobacco industry obfuscated the health risks of tobacco for decades. Or how they have silently managed to squash every attempt to develop energy sources that don't involve mining or drilling. Or how the corporations and the wealthy have enriched themselves for the last thirty years while the middle class and the working poor have been treading water.

No, can't pay attention to that. Those are harder stories and not as much fun to cover. They also hit home at the corporate masters of the news organizations.

So what we get is puppet theater.

You can fight back, a little. Turn off those jesters. Look for news elsewhere, even overseas.

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