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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Range Report from the High Priestess of OLoMC


Keeping with the tenets of Our Most Holy Faith, I performed an act of religious devotion by participating in a Bullseye match this morning.

I shot the match with my Model 17. I shot 699-3x.

First off, the thinner Pachmyers that I used didn't feel right for an extended match. I'll have to get a set of full-sized target grips.

Second, the killer stage was slow fire. On two out of the three stages, I had one round miss the scoring rings. It's hard to score well when you toss away at least five points.

One other shooter was also using a S&W revolver, in his case, a Model 617. Like me, he was using Remington Goldens in his gun, as he said they shot the best.

The gouge that I had read elsewhere, that Model 17s like to be clean, was true. I hadn't cleaned it from the last few range trips and, by the end of the match, it took a bit of thumb-pressure to seat the cartridges.

I know I can shoot better.

1 comment:

CenterPuke88 said...

Sounds like a clear violation of the Fifth Commandment..."Honor thy weapon by caring for it and cleaning it"