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Sunday, August 9, 2015

You Can't Make This Shit Up, I Tell Ya!

So there are these two Tea Party activists in Michigan, one male, one female. Both are married with kids, and they're married to other people. Both are of the "gay marriage is destroying the nation" brand of conservatism. Both got elected to the state legislature.

Well, because of gay marriage, I guess, they start having an affair. They combine their legislative offices, which is pretty weird, even of itself. Anyway, word starts to get out that they're boffing each other.

That may seem kind of "meh" so far. But the guy got the brilliant idea to leak a rumor that he was caught having sex with a male hooker behind a nightclub. His idea was that when the gay-sex story was proven false, that nobody would believe the story of his affair with the other legislator.

Except that the first aide he asked to leak the false story thought it was strange. He thought it was so strange that he recorded the ask. Then he refused. There were text messages, which the aide kept. Eventually, the aide and another one, who had also not wanted to get involved in the coverup, were shitcanned.

Bad move to fire a guy who has dirt on you. The aide went to the papers, and you can guess the rest.


Deadstick said...

Damn, I love Schadenfreude...;-)

Expatriate Owl said...

When I was with the IRS, most of the snitch cases I dealt with were based upon info from canned former employees, who were all too happy to report their ex-employers' tax indiscretions. Second place: Ex-spouses and jilted lovers. And, like the ex-staffers, most of the snitches had some damning documentation.

Deadstick said...

Owl, for some years the IRS office in Denver used to get an annual letter from an employee at the Denver Country Club enclosing a copy of the membership list. It basically said "Everybody knows rich people cheat on their income tax. Here's a list of all the richest people in Denver. Please send my reward money to the following address..."

They would always reply that the information had to meet a certain threshold of specificity...;-