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Sunday, August 30, 2015

¡JEB!: Low Energy and Corrupt!

As Governor of Florida, little Johnny Ellis Bush arranged to have Lehman Brothers manage a goodly chunk of Florida's pension money. A few months after that deal was done, Johnny E. left office and went to work for, you guessed it, Lehman Brothers as a consultant. For which he was paid over a million smackers a year in order to help replenish the ol' coffers.

¡JEB! has made tens of millions of dollars based on his vast expertise of, what, exactly? Governor of one of the more fucked-up and corrupt states in the country? Or just for being a member of the Oligarchy?



Mike R said...

With membership there are rewards.

danny j said...

Polls suggest that bribery/corruption is a top-level concern of folks, regardless of political party.

There's a focus on campaign finance or even just Citizens United, but that's just the low-hanging fruit (or rotten fruit already on the ground). Consulting and lobbying jobs, speaking engagements, charities, and all of the above for family members and associates are all used for legalized bribery.

How about we ask all candidates to sign a pledge to ban all the forms of bribery the way Grover Norquist did with his "No Taxes" pledge?