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Monday, August 3, 2015

Molon Labe, at First Blush, Then...

I saw this Newsweek cover:

and I first thought that we'd be treated to, yet again, another screed about why and how Americans should give up all of their guns.

But then I read the article, and other than the usual NRA-bashing (because somebody's gotta be the boogyman) an reliance on the Violence Policy Center (a group of rabid gun-banners), it was fairly thoughtful in its recommendations.

The biggest surprise was that there actually was a cover article in a (formerly) mainstream rag that advocated "shall issue" and that recognized that banning "assault rifles" was a stupid idea.


CenterPuke88 said...

Very nicely designed proposal, lacking a couple of details that would likely derail it. What size of magazine is acceptable? As they point out, a higher capacity for the untrained wielder means more stray bullets in a multiple shooter situation.

I know that 10 is considered too low by most advocates and too high by some opponents, so is 15 or 20 a better answer?

Other than that, the NRA and co. will freak at the records aspect...the VPC will have vapors at "shall issue"...the background checks will cost money...very interesting.

Eck! said...

Just more of the big lie. Factoids from VPC are always at best suspect often totally wrong. Groups like the VPC are largely void of critical thinking. They see lots of bullets as a hazard and the armed psycho is virtually invisible. They are ignorant
and deny the idea of self defense.

As to magazine size, the whole idea that less is better is a red herring. Any sick
or crazed with a bolt action can easily control a gun free zone as they have one and everyone else those not violating law or public peace are defenseless. Regardless
of rate of fire or magazine size they are armed and have an advantage.

I see that cover as stating, you don't have the right to protect your self. That is unacceptable.


Chuck Pergiel said...

I saw the cover and I was stunned, so I opened the article. (that may have been the whole point). I tripped over the first point, the one about magazine size, and that immediately dumped this article in the trash bin. I read a bit more, but I had already made up my mind.