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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Off to the Range

I went to the outdoor range today. Hot as fuck, but there wasn't a wind.

The difference in lighting on the open sights between the indoor and outdoor ranges was unbelievable. The sights were far easier to see and use. I reshot the accuracy tests with the Model 17, there was really not a difference between the CCI Standard Velocity and the Federal Auto Match. I'll use the Auto Match in the Model 17, as my Ruger 22/45 has a definite preference for the CCI.

I also was able to take a test-drive of the gun on the 50-yard mark for slow-fire. I can do this, I think. Zero regrets on buying the Model 17. I should have bought one twenty years ago, 0ther than maybe I wouldn't have got the Ruger 22/45. For convincing a new shooter that yes, they can shoot accurately with a handgun, that Ruger is pisser medicine.

And the spotting scope (together with a used tripod from the thrift store) was a good purchase.

I also re-mounted the optic on my Ruger. Because it's fun to shoot.

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