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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Time to Sell a Few Guns

For I didn't plan on buying this Model 17-3:

They're also commonly known as "K-22 Masterpieces". It has two of the three "T"s: Target hammer and target trigger. The grips are original. Single action shooting- as good or better than a Ruger Mk. III with a full Volquartsen trigger job. The price, well, I'm not going there. It was dear, by my standards. But it was less than I've seen them go for gun shops for the last several years.

Sold a hard-used Model 10 (had more than I need) and a Taurus Model 94 is on consignment.

I had a 17-4 ages ago. I then moved to a place where it was difficult to find places to shoot. Back where I had lived, a neighbor's kid was getting into target shooting. He had a H&R revolver, so I loaned him the Model 17. Make a long story short, it was stolen.

I have regretted that ever since. The last Model 17 that I saw for sale at a reasonable price was rode hard and not terribly well cared for. I thought about that one, went back two days later and, well, you know how that tune goes.

I took it to the range and fired it from a rest to test it with several different .22 loads. It did best with Federal auto match. Bulk Remington golden bullet was almost as good, followed by CCI standard. It didn't seem to care for CCI Mini-mags.

And yes, I'm going to shoot this in Bullseye matches.


Peter said...

Ooh! Shiny!

Seriously, congrats on a great buy. Those are hard to find in really nice condition. I might just have to drive up your way for some borrowed trigger time. (Oh - and I have a couple thousand Federal Auto Match stashed away . . . )

w3ski said...

One Pretty revolver you got there.
It can't help but do you well.