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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The "Some Asshole" Initiative

(Stickied for a while.  Let's make this happen, people!)

I've been using the term "asswipe", but this works:
(H/T to Mr. Natural)

Another benefit is that, by not showing the face or the name of the asshole, asshole's attorneys can't claim "pretrial publicity" in a change-of-venue motion.

The only exception to the "some asshole" rule ought to be if the asshole is still at large. Then they could print his photo. But it'd have to come down once asshole was either dead or arrested.


Anonymous said...

Do it for goat rodeo GOP candidates too!

ShortWoman said...

I like it.

Old NFO said...

I LIKE it!!! :-)

S O said...

This idea has been failing for 2,360 years already.

Deadstick said...

May I propose an exemption, considering what it will do to him?

Walter James Palmer.

Comrade Misfit said...

I don't think Palmer comes under the same category. He wasn't tying to become infamous. Infamy happened to him.