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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise

An airplane that needs no introduction:


CenterPuke88 said...

With winglets, yuck.

That being said, I miss those suckers. Climbed poorly, but you were never too high in a Seven-F'n-Twenty Seven. See them now and again, mostly hauling auto parts, horses or cargo charters.

Had Aeromexico once accept "maintain three zero zero knots or better", then come back three minutes later to announce "Center, we can no do four zero zero, three niner eight is our maximum." Easiest planes in the world to sequence except for the L-1011...they were slower than that bad boy!

drouse said...

I ran across this and thought that someone finally made a round optimized for the Taurus Curve. I bring this up because I know it has a special place in your heart.


Old NFO said...

Noisy, but reliable... And I thought he was going to run out of runway on that one... Well past refusal...