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Saturday, July 25, 2015

"I'm Resigning For the Good of My Family!
Yeah, That's the Ticket!"

[State] Sen. Paul LeVota, D-Independence [Missouri], resigned his Senate seat Friday over sexual harassment allegations involving capital interns.

LeVota posted a message on Facebook denying that he engaged in harassment but saying he would not put his family or the Senate “through the process of dealing with the veracity of false allegations and character assassination against me.”
I call "bullshit". All of these clowns quit "to spend more time with my family" when they get caught doing something wrong (or if it's clear they're going to get shelled in the next election). When they're in power, the last that they want to do is spend more time with their families.


Marc said...

Does it mean when a person runs for office they are trying to spend as little time as possible with their family? Depending on the state (and the assets involved), a divorce could be cheaper than a political campaign. But of course, few use their own funds to gain office, and spending other peoples money to get a government position seems like a good racket.

Mike R said...

Marc, yes, yes it does, politicians hate their families. Oh almost forgot, republican politicians hate everyone, except those with a very high net worth.