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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The World Changed 70 Years Ago

The "Trinity Test" of the device that was called "the Gadget" was conducted on July 16th, 1945:

The world changed in ways that weren't appreciated by many. Nuclear weapons eventually made direct war unthinkable between nations possessing them. The cost has been massive amounts of land that was contaminated, usually with waste from the production of the weapons and their components. Tens of millions of people (maybe hundreds of millions) were exposed to radiation from above-ground tests and toxic elements.

It's been a high price to pay for a kind of peace.

1 comment:

hans said...

why do I feel we aren't going to make another 70 years without having a lot of these being used? might have something to do what appears to be a bipartisan willingness to back Russia into a corner over Ukraine ??