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Monday, July 27, 2015

Jindal Plumbs the Depth of Stupidity

Bobby Jindal is promising that if the Westboro Baptist Church folk show up in his state to protest at funerals, that he'll stop them.

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. Are you truly that ignorant about the Fist Amendment or are you just desperate to grab some air time from The Donald?

The pathetic fuckers from the WBC don't "disrupt" anything. They stand out on a public sidewalk and spew their hate, which they have a Constitutional right to do. See, Bobby, the thing about "free speech" isn't about cost. No, the "free" part is "freedom from the requirement to get what you're saying approved by a government censor."

You don't like the WBC, I get that. Nobody likes the WBC. But not liking somebody should not have anything to do with denying them their rights.



Deadstick said...

Moron, no. Demagogue, yes.

A demagogue promotes premises he knows are false to people he knows are fools...

dinthebeast said...

Isn't suing people who try to deny them their first amendment rights WBCs business model?
I'm going with moron. Narcissistic moron, but moron nevertheless.

-Doug in Oakland

Eck! said...

Yep, sue for freedom of speech is their model. They would clean up on der idiot.

The good news is all that hate has been reducing the ranks of WBC so they aint it no more.


CenterPuke88 said...

It's kinda funny that ol'Bobby will say that corporations are free to complain about laws he supports all they want , but a few protestors from WBC cannot be allowed similar free speak. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.