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Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Respectful Note to the Dutch.

The next time that a very large group of armed Germans[1] comes to sojourn in your country, they can have the place.

This is why:

Yep, there's no antisemitism like good old European antisemitism.

If you drug-addled canal-slime can't tell the difference between Israel as a nation and the Jewish people as a religion, then fuck you, the bicycles you rode in on and everybody who looks like you. You're no better than the mouth-breathers who tar a billion Muslims with the actions of the Taliban and ISIL.[2]

I'd vow not to drink Heineken, but since I regard it as overrated Dutch horsepiss, that's no big sacrifice.
[1] Or Russians.
[2] Or all Christians, for the crimes of the pederast priests. Oh, wait, nobody does that.


Sarah said...

I realize you're upset and justly so. Nasty stuff.

But it's unfair to "tar all the Dutch" with the actions of one football team's mouth-breathing fans.

The Dutch I've met have been nice people. Even the drug addled ones.

Comrade Misfit said...

Was that sign done by the same football team?

Sarah said...

I don't know where the sign image came from, so have no answer. The video in the story you link is now dead, maybe there was more information there.