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"Never Feel Sorry For Anyone Who Owns an Airplane."-- Tina Marie

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Flying the Airplane is More Important than Radioing Your Plight to a Person on the Ground
Who is Incapable of Understanding or Doing Anything About It.
" -- Unknown

"There seems to be almost no problem that Congress cannot, by diligent efforts and careful legislative drafting, make ten times worse." -- Me

"What the hell is an `Aluminum Falcon'?" -- Emperor Palpatine

"Eck!" -- George the Cat

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"One-Adam-12, One-Adam-12: See the Woman; Report of a Clown With an Ax.
One-Adam-12, Handle Code Two."

A warrant is out for the arrest of an ax-wielding clown after an alleged assault attempt Friday, officials said.

The suspect is [Some Asshole] and he has an outstanding warrant for the charge of assault with a deadly weapon, Hickory, [NC] Police Department spokeswoman Chrystal Dieter said.
More here, with video.

Asshole had tried to break into her house before, this one cries out for her to get a shotgun.

It's all fun and games until some clown shows up with an ax.

(Adam-12 opening music)

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