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Thursday, August 13, 2015

What the Civil War Was About

Slavery. There was no other cause worth the fight.

All of the other excuses and justifications for the war, offered by the Confederates and the neo-Confederates, ever since 1866, are little more than a tissue of lies to cover over that they, their fathers and their ancestors fought to preserve, and expand, slavery. For the planters in the deep South wanted nothing more than to reopen the Middle Passage. In a dispute between the slaveowners, the ones further to the north were happy with the importation ban, as they made money from breeding slaves.

Some folks maintain that the CSA was anti-slavery, as the CSA did not legalize the importation of slaves. That's pretty much a false claim, as the CSA ban on the slave trade was a fig leaf to entice the British into either recognizing the CSA or, at least, not hindering them. The Brits allowed arms to be exported to the CSA and CSA raiders to be constructed and refit in British ports. A legal slave trade was anathema to the British, who had spent decades and much treasure in trying to stop it. Adopting a pro-slave trade law would have brought the British into active support of the Union.

But I digress.

The Civil War was about slavery. Arguments to the contrary are nothing more than revisionism, and pernicious revisionism, at that.



Keaaukane said...

OTOH, it is sort of nice that they grasp that Treason in defense of slavery is bad. Lying about it is their way of admitting it.

Old 1811 said...

Those who deny the reason for the Confederacy should read the Confederate Constitution and the words of prominent Confederate politicians like Vice President Alexander Stephens. Stephens repeatedly said that slavery was sanctioned by God, and that the Confederacy was a slaveholding country. The Confederate Constitution gave the states almost total sovereignty, except for two things: they could not secede from the Confederacy (ironically), and they could not free their slaves.
All this, of course, has nothing to do with the present brouhaha over the Army of Northern Virginia's battle flag.