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Friday, August 21, 2015

It Must Suck, Right Now, to be George Pataki

Pataki, right now, couldn't outpoll the Ebola virus, if it were running for office. He, Bobby Jindall, and Garry Gilmore* are stuck in the "who the hell is that guy" ranks, polling at or around zero support.**

So then some kid in Iowa launches a campaign under the name "Deeze Nuts" and he's polling around 9%.

Of course, the kid couldn't take office for another 20 years, but he's still kicking the shit out of Lindsey Graham and Martin O'Malley.
* OK, fine! Jim Gilmore.
** Other than a billionaire or two.


Joe said...

1% of the respondents to this survey have never heard of Donald Trump. Where can I find these masters of serenity? They must teach me their wisdom!

montag said...

According to his brother Truck, Deez Nuts will forego the next debate, despite his promising numbers, because it is on a school night.