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Saturday, August 15, 2015


"You'll pay for this when we get home, chicka!"

Jake has respiratory issues. It doesn't seem to be asthma, for he's not responding to steroids, other than eating more food. Nothing shows in the lungs on X-rays. He's going on antibiotics, in case he may have a slight sinus infection.

But after that, it'll just be wait and see. An obstruction back in the pharynx would require borescoping to detect, a process that's somewhat invasive and requires heavy-duty anesthesia. If he has a growth back there, it wouldn't be minor surgery by specialists.

Jake is 19. I'm not putting him through that. I'll watch him and enjoy what time I have left with him. But if he gets to the point where breathing is laborious, or if he stops eating, then I'll take him for one last trip to the vet's office. (And when I said as much to the vet, he seemed to be relieved.)

This is horrible shit for me to be contemplating.


w3ski said...

You have my thoughts and best hopes.
I just last week had to put down my best furry friend of 18 years.
The dog Maria, was old and had many issues but at last it was her rear legs that gave out.
She had been with me thru some of the best and worst of my life, and losing her was losing a lot of me and my past.
I still have an empty hole in my heart shaped like her.
The best of luck to you and your furry friend.

Deadstick said...

Prolonging life is one thing; prolonging death is another. Good on you.

Doug T. said...

My thoughts are with you both. This sucks but is part of our bonding with a pet. You are doing it right.

ShortWoman said...

Hug that cat. 19 in a lot in cat years.

Thinking happy thoughts for you both.

Sarah said...

Good wishes for you and Jake. The good of pets shared lives with us outweighs the the end, but it sure doesn't feel like it at the end.

Comrade Misfit said...

W3ski, my condolences.