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Monday, August 10, 2015

They Have Some Really Stupid Judges in Texas

A court-ordered shotgun wedding? Really?

I'll bet that marriage isn't going to last.


Expatriate Owl said...

Believe me, Texas does not have the market cornered on stupid judges. If I were the guy there (or even the girl), I would attend to the formality of filing a complaint against His Dishonor -- Just in case something goes amiss with the marriage (a distinct possibility).

Deadstick said...

A coworker's nephew was married in an ersatz shotgun wedding covered by the local papers in Missouri some years back. The bride's dad packed a .44 Mag and her three brothers stood behind the couple with 12-gauge pumps...the highlight was "Or forever hold their peace SHUCKSHUCK SHUCKSHUCK SHUCKSHUCK".

Marc said...

Oh yes, let us talk about the 'sanctity of marriage', shall we? Such a solemn rite of joining two people together in holy matrimony - or keeping one of them out of the pokey. Yep, get your bets in to how soon the divorce papers are processed...

Glenn Kelley said...

How in the Hell does he have the authority to order a person who is not before his court to do anything .