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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"If You Wore Burkas, Our Weak-Willed Politicians Wouldn't Sexually Harass You!"

That is the subtext of the proposal by the Missouri lege to combat the problem of legislators hitting on young interns.
The Missouri legislature has been in crisis mode in recent months after two lawmakers resigned over allegations of sexually inappropriate conduct toward interns. Their colleagues are now trying to figure out how best to continue the intern program, and a top suggestion that has emerged is to mandate a "conservative" dress code to avoid tempting legislators into improper behavior.
I have a modest suggestion: Require that the Missouri legislators wear chastity belts and burkas.

Or some sort of device that would give them Taser-level electric shocks if they become aroused. Which might also cut down on their dealings with lobbyists.


Nangleator said...

"Our legislators can't be trusted to obey laws," feels problematic. I suggest they only visit doctors who are recovering slasher-murderers.

w3ski said...

I think you hit it just right. Issue stun guns to all interns, first day on the job. Sex on the job is terminatable, stunning anyone your pay grade or better is to be rewarded.
Sounds great to me.
Having Sex should never be a required part of a regular job, unless of course you work in let's say Nevada.