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Monday, August 1, 2011

Neville Chamberlain for President in 2012

Why the hell not?* If we're going to have a president whose negotiating style is a mixture of capitulation and appeasement, let's go all in.
* Yes, I know that Chamberlain is (a) British, and (b) dead. You'd rather that I support Vidkun Quisling?


Oldfool said...

I seem to remember reading that some town re-elected a dead mayor and the town got along just fine.

Nangleator said...

I suppose we ought to just give up. Put on yolks and elect WalMart as president, and comply with all orders. After that, there will be no need to ever pretend to vote again.

Joan said...

@ Nangleator... Have you not seen the email sent out by the right wing that suggests just that thing? Run the country by Wal-Mart business protocols? I'm sure you are being sarcastic. Unfortunately, they are deadly serious.

@ EBM... Capitulate and appease, indeed! Oddly enough, that's where he begins his negotiations. I wonder if he is that useless and timid or if there are things behind the screen that we don't know? All I know is, I've never seen anything even remotely like his performances.

montag said...

His announcement of the "deal" certainly stirred up images of old Nevile waving his little piece of paper.

wolfbitch said...

Right up until I saw Obama's announcement, I was right there with you - he was compromising away all the good stuff, he was a capitulator, he was a collaborator.

Then when I saw his announcement, I didn't see those things. I saw a man who is very tired, a man who did what he believed he had to do to save this country from the hell of a default.

Gryphen, over at Immoral Minority, said today that "the problem with many relationships is that the person who cares the least about its survival, or the feelings of the other person, is the one in charge" - clearly, the Repubes care nothing about this country, and everything about their own re-election bandwagons and their rich friends.

I believe Obama gave away too much. I also believe he did the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Wouldn't surprise me if he pulled a Lyndon Johnson and refused to run in 2012.

Comrade Misfit said...

Johnson was primaried in `68. He won in NH, but the margin was close enough that it was clear to him that he'd have a hard fight to be re-nominated.

Nobody, so far as I know, is talking about mounting a primary challenge to this president.

And if the Democrats don't have commercials ready for next year, which prominently feature Republicans talking about their no. 1 priority begin the destruction of the Obama presidency, I'll be very much surprised.

WB, while you are right about the person who values the relationship the least having control, the bitter fact is that so far, the Republicans have paid no price for taking the global economy hostage. Unless the electorate is willing to make them pay the price, then we will have more of the same. (The Republicans held onto the Congress for ten years after Gingrich's foolishness in trying to shut down the Federal government.)

And we will have more of the same until this nation is broken and all that remains are vast numbers of poor and a few rich folk. By then it won't matter.

Nangleator said...

Democrats... don't talk to me about Democrats.

If every sitting Republican is outed as a bunny raper in tomorrow's newspapers, by the evening news, every last Democrat would be admitting guilt themselves.

It's like they're terrified of an easy win.

bob said...

I was thinking more on the lines of Henri Philippe Benoni Omer Joseph Pétain.

Stewart Dean said...

My letter to the Editor for the local paper:

I am so utterly disappointed in Obama and outraged by his debt ceiling sellout. Instead of rallying the nation, instead of countering the lies, misinformation, misdirections and whoppers of the right, he "bargained" until he's given up everything progressive or even liberal and effectively has given away the farm...promising to put Social Security and Medicare on the block but preserving the wealth shift to the rich (that's left the poor and middle class with less than they've had in 75 years....and very few jobs) and his damned war machine. He's further to the right than Eisenhower, and he doesn't believe in anything, just in being an operative

Can anyone recommend a good left-wing candidate with progressive fire in the belly to oppose Obama in the primaries and give him a boot in the, well, keister?

At least our local Representative Hinchey is going to vote against the sellout.

BadTux said...

Well, there's the slight problem that Neville Chamberlain was not an American citizen (native-born or otherwise), regardless of his current corpse status, and thus is not Constitutionally eligible to be President, but yeah. Obama seems to be doing a great imitation of Neville, yo.

Joe said...

Stewart: Russ Feingold is currently unemployed.

Nan: Excellent. Marvin the paranoid android is just right for the occasion.