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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Get Back to Work, You Fuckers on Capitol Hill

Congress is taking four weeks off.

The FAA isn't funded and airline taxes are not being collected, with a loss to the Treasury of over a billion dollars.

Unemployment is high and long-term unemployment is now a structural problem.

So what does the Congress and the Obama Administration do? They spent over a month on the wholly artificial debt crisis, a politically self-inflicted wound if there ever was one. Having slayed that mythical dragon, a feat the stock market greeted by by sliding over 200 points, Congress has gone on a four-week vacation.

Get back to work, you parasitic assholes.


Cirze said...

You tell 'em.

(Seems somebody's got to.)

I guess they need a raise to do any more work?

OldRetiredDude said...

Once again the FAA is being used to destroy unions. This whole thing boils down to a single item in the FAA's appropriation bill the GOOP'rs stuck in to weaken union rights...counting non-votes during union representation elections as NO votes...assuming the intent of the non voters. I can't wait till they try this for regular elections, maybe we an count all non votes as republican...I can't believe these F**KERS went on vacation with this still hanging. Does anyone actually believe that the GOP is out to create Jobs? Anyone?? I am so glad to be retired from the FAA.- if I was still working and they "asked" me to work for no pay and cover my own expenses I would have to tell them to pound sand! If the Airport Inspecters that are now doing this would refuse maybe we could force a resolution...but the spineless Dems will probably agree to the House plan . Sigh...
PS Can't the President call back Congress from their much needed vacation like State Governers call back the legislators for a "special" session? Just asking, I actually don't know.

montag said...

Ray LaHood should shut down the entire commercial air system as unsafe. The Giant Left Wing Noise Machine can trumpet the fact that Republicans don't care how many planes drop from the skies.

Ah, who am I kidding, just an old pharts daydream.

John Milton said...

There were two things in the House bill that the Senate Democrats would not vote for:

1. Return the voting policy for union certification in airlines and railroads to what it has been for many decades: A majority of workers have to vote FOR a union before it can be certified to represent those workers. That policy was recently overturned by the National Mediation Board to only require a majority of votes be YES. The previous policy was put in place by FDR.

2. Cut the subsidy of essential air services to remote communities to a max of $1000. Currently there are several routes that exceed that, including Ely, NV, which has a $3700 subsidy per passenger.

Neither of these is hardly radical.

Stewart Dean said...

Ummmm, does that mean that the TSA will be defunded in the interim and no longer screening us???

Huh, huh? Say it's so, please!

Ruckus said...

Is it possible that we have a better congress when they are on vacation?

Comrade Misfit said...

John, every election I've ever seen for public office hinges on who gets the most votes, not a majority of the voters. Why should union certification be any different?

Congressman Mica, frankly, is one of the biggest assholes on Capitol Hill, and that's saying something. He's right up there with Senator "Veterans Don't Need No Stinkin' Services" Coburn in my book.

Stewart, unfortunately not. TSA is a part of the Department of Homeland Stupidity. (FAA is part of DOT.)