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Thursday, March 5, 2020

When Seconds Count, the Cops are Minutes Away

Nearly two weeks after implementing a new policy for reporting use of force by officers, Oakland police officials have scaled back the changes, citing a large number of 911 calls that had stacked up citywide.
Response times for top priority calls — which the department typically responded to in about two minutes and five seconds — increased to more than five minutes, Deputy Chief LeRonne Armstrong told the [police] commission prior to the vote.
On Feb. 20, five days into the reporting policy, an East Oakland man called police to report his brother was mentally unstable and armed with a hammer, said acting Lt. Bryan Hubbard, who is the watch commander for East Oakland, but there were no officers able to respond.
A five minute response time when some critter is trying to kick in a resident's door, let along being attacked or shot at, might as well be forever.



Zendo Deb said...

There were 2 things that were amazing about this story.

1) the bureaucrats/politicians who wanted all this extra paperwork were willing to back off in only 2 weeks. "We're never wrong about anything!" is more what I expect for the Mandarins.

2) that a member of the police commission actually said, “I don’t think anybody anticipated this.” You mean that a crazy increase in the amount of paperwork actually has an impact on people who are trying to do real work? But that attitude is what feeds point number 1.

dinthebeast said...

Perhaps that may have something to do with the recent firing of the chief of police.

-Doug in Oakland

CenterPuke88 said...

I would like to know some details about perhaps the police also slowing down in response. It’s a little suspicious that is jumps so much and so evenly, that suggests multiple causes.