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Sunday, March 8, 2020

I Might Even Vote For That Orange Bahstid If He Fixed This

We had a luncheon today. One of the guests was late because she forgot to reset her clocks.


B said...

I'd make everyone use GMT and be done with it.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yeah, because it makes so much sense to be going off to work in the middle of the night....

With all due respect, B, that is just batshit-grade lunacy.

bmq215 said...

I can sorta see what B is driving at in that doing so would end the confusion of determining whether a person is scheduling something in your timezone or theirs. However, practically speaking humans have circadian rhythms and it would be an absolute mess.

Of course we could redefine what time equals morning aka the start of the work day depending on local day/night cycles. But then we've just recreated time zones except without the handy, clearly mapped borders.

Sure the maps are a little screwy but there really isn't a better solution. Except for the inclusion of DST. Comrade is dead right about that one.

Brian Train said...

In my province they had a sort-of referendum (more like an online poll) about getting rid of daylight savings time.
However, there were only two options: "leave it as is" and "permanent Daylight savings time", no "permanent standard time".
Which is the option that actually makes the most sense... with permanent DST, people are permanently 1-2 hours out of phase with the sun, so among other things it means a lot more getting up in the dark.
Sleep researchers have been vocal about warning the government about how this is a bad move; I recall a split-screen TV news piece where one of them at a local university was paired with a soccer mom from some small town and all the latter would do was repeat, "but this is what the people voted for" and natter about how it would be lighter later to take her kids to soccer and choir practice.