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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Elom Musk Is An Arrogant Putz Who Should Be Pelted With Rotten Produce At Every Opportunity

Tesla is not an essential business according to the Alameda County Sheriff, a declaration that could force the automaker to shutter some of its operations in the county under a shelter in-place directive that was ordered because of the global spread of COVID-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus.

The county, which includes Fremont, where Tesla’s factory is located, issued Monday a shelter-in-place order that requires all non-essential businesses to close, including bars, gyms and dine-in restaurants. Takeout and delivery restaurants are still allowed.

Tesla kept the Fremont factory open despite the order, claiming that part of the company’s operations fell under an exemption in the county’s order.
If you ever find yourself needing an overpriced electric car, please keep this in mind: Musk put his own interests ahead of those of the people who work for him and of the people who live where Herr Putz has his factory.

And buy a car or truck made by somebody else.


B said...

Here, they have closed bars, movie theaters and restaurants.
But the Home Depot/Menards/Lowes are open. So are the cell phone stores. Mass transit busses still operate. Target (the non grocery part) is still open. Gas station convenience stores are are still selling smokes and lottery tickets and pizzas and burgers and chips and soda, not just gas. Liquor stores are open too.

I fail to see why a factory is any more dangerous than those businesses.

I think they should close ALL of 'em. This half-assed shit isn't gonna help.

dinthebeast said...

He has, on the other hand, offered to use Tesla's facilities to manufacture ventilators, so perhaps one of his factories could be allowed to remain open for that purpose only.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

MarkS said...

Factories are carefully configured to make the things they're trying to produce. The Venn diagram of electric cars & respirators has so little overlap that I suspect that statement should be made to stand out in the garden to promote plant growth.

0_0 said...

B, you clearly can't close everything.

And if SF declared the pot dispensaries 'essential', Tesla likely has a case.

Dark Avenger said...

Pot will get you thru times of no Teslas better than a Tesla will get you thru times of no pot.

Stewart Dean said...

DA has triggered a rare variant of the Godwin's Law: the Freak Bros variant

dinthebeast said...

Ever the asshole, Musk told Newsweek: "We're working on ventilators, even though I think there will not be a shortage by the time we can make enough to matter."
He was implying that there wouldn't be a need for them by the end of April.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

BadTux said...

It doesn't matter anyhow. While Elon Musk may have declared that making electric luxury cars for rich assholes is "critical infrastructure", his suppliers aren't so eager to fight the Sheriff. They cut off parts deliveries and when the parts to build cars run out early next week, Tesla is shut down for the duration.

Which is what we should do to all the jerks and asswipes who defy the quarantine -- shun them, and shun them hard. Don't sell to them, don't patronize them, make sure to advertise just how disgusting they are at all times. I live in Alameda County maybe 5 miles from the Tesla plant, and the thought of him deliberately putting 5,000 people at risk of harm for goddamned *luxury cars* makes me disgusted, when we have hundreds of local COVID-19 cases and probably thousands not diagnosed and the hospitals are going to get slammed. I've never seen ER people look so panicked before. I mean, we're talking about people who are like "oh gosh, someone just came in with a gunshot wound" and then handle it as if it's nothing, but the lack of planning, the lack of supplies, the lack of any idea what to do other than watch people die once the supply of ventilators is exhausted... Elon Musk can just fuck himself, good and hard.

That is all.

BTW, I am classified as "critical infrastructure personnel", because I keep the network infrastructure alive that allows people to work from home. I haven't been to the office since ten days ago though because I'm not a fucking moron. We have a guy who goes into the office to accept the mail and deliveries (again a critical function), if I need hands on something I put him on Skype, walk him to where he needs to be, and tell him how to plug in or unplug whatever it is we need to have plugged or unplugged. Because it ain't worth it for me to get my butt sick by going in and interacting with other people if it's not necessary.