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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Heckuva Job, Trumpie

When tested by the fire of crisis, Trump showed us what he's always been: a weak, spoiled, intellectually vacant conman who has stumbled through a life of betrayal and failure papered over by bullshit and public relations. The media image from The Apprentice that hypnotized so many Trump voters was always the product of Mark Burnett's writers' room, not reality. The bold leader was a teleprompter confection, a D-grade celebrity playing a C-grade CEO in a reality show.

Sorry, MAGAs, but Trump must face blame for the viral Chernobyl that is rolling over our population now; the one thing you never get back when fighting an epidemic is time. He spent weeks spinning that Coronavirus/COVID-10 was no big deal, and that there was no crisis about to scythe through our nation.

He soft-pedaled the crisis even as it grew in scope and risk. His minions and minders repeatedly said that this crisis was contained. He promised a vaccine that is, at best, a year away. He promised testing, without the intention or ability to deliver. He compared it to the common flu, which left disease specialists and epidemiologists heads exploding worldwide. He failed as a leader, from the very start.
Read the entire thing. Trump is his own Brownie. That's why Trump keeps telling everyone that he's been doing a heckuvajob.

But there will be no penetrating the armor of faith of the Trumpanzees.


Ten Bears said...


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Nice, +1

w3ski said...

Well said, comrade.

dinthebeast said...

I can maybe understand lying in a political campaign. The presidency is not a political campaign, it's an extremely difficult and important job; the campaign is merely the job interview.
In any of the jobs that I have had in my life, I would have been fired for a minuscule fraction of the lying he has done.
Now it's time to get our act together and fire him.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...


Your comment does not take into account the personality, for Dumpf
it is a campaign.
If you call him on it to his face you will be verbally assassinated
or worse.

In the end its Gobbels big lie being proffered.

That Dumpf has been enabled to do that makes it all the more grand