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Sunday, March 15, 2020

JIT, the Disruption Thereof

By now, everybody is aware of the possible disruption of the supply chains. That's why the stores are crowded as people buy stuff to stock up.

But what happens if the supply chains are not disrupted? People who are filling spare rooms or garages with canned goods and toilet paper won't have a need to buy that stuff for a goodly amount of time. So as the stores restock, their new stock won't move at the same rate. It'll be like the "rubber-band effect" of heavy traffic.

Another bit of fallout may be that a lot of those supplies will be donated to food banks. That would not be a terrible thing, as it appears that a goodly number of people are going to be out of work in the coming weeks.


Eck! said...

While I don't always agree with Peter, he has written more and in detail about
why to prepare, how to prepare and what can happen even when you do.


That's part one. He goes into it deeply and with personal experince.

Those that have paid attention and could see it coming preparedness was done and maybe a few small things tweaked for the specific case.

We who live in the northeast understand that having preparedness for a few days
is just good judgment as stuff like, hurricanes, nor'easters, Snow!, ICE, and the associated power outages and travel problems are events that are worth preparing for and no some abstraction. That applies to most of the USA (I'll venture North America) save for its tornadoes, floods, fires, even volcanoes. Some are rare but most are not.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

The US still has plenty of paper mills the last time I checked. Sock yarn and denim have simple supply chains. Other supply chains are more problematic with more uncertainty.

Canceling the ACC basketball tournament was a boon for the local charities and food banks. Maybe, we will have the April Furniture Market in June?