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Friday, March 27, 2020

It's Hard to Keep Up With Trump's Stupid Shit

Trump offered no clear explanation when asked about [stationing troops on the Canadian border] Thursday. He first said he would look into it, then said troops were already present at the border, saying it was a matter of “equal justice” given the force on the southern border.

He then claimed the troop presence was a reaction to illegal trade. “In Canada, we do have troops along the border. We have a lot of things coming in from Canada, some illegal trade we don’t like ... dumping steel,” Trump said.
That's exactly right. I was sort-of-listing to Trump spewing his word salad yesterday when I thought: "What the fuck? did he just say that he wanted to put soldiers on the border to keep out smuggled steel?"

Yes, he did.

That man is not right in the head.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Troops on the Canadian border? Sure, in Fort Drum I guess....

Trump wouldn't know troops if they shoved bayonets up his backside.

CenterPuke88 said...

Perhaps Sarah was watching the wrong way, eh? Gotta watch for them nasty Canuck’s, trying to smuggle steel, maple syrup and socialized medicine across the border!

Donnie likes rankings...Best Country: Canada #2 and U.S. #7...Life Expectancy: Canada 81.2 and U.S. 78...Quality of Life: Canada #1 and U.S. outside top 10...wait, found it...Poverty Rate: U.S. 17.2% and Canada 12.6%, we win!!!