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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Heater du Jour

One of the guns that I bought from an estate in a private sale:

A nickel-plated S&W 19-4. The nickel is damaged in two places on the barrel, but not in huge chunks. The timing is soft; two of the chambers lock up just as the hammer falls. On the other side of the coin, short-barrel Model 19s are sweet guns. This one shoots as well as one would expect from a classic Smith.

So it was a good deal. Not a great deal, considering that I'm going to need to dump some money into it.


Nebris said...


Tod Germanica said...

And what looks like an ivory colored Tyler Tee Grip to fill the gap and make it aim mo' naturally. Yep, those shoot good. Well done.
Patina is what we call that missing nickel finish. Authentic patina.

Ten Bears said...

What Tod said. Wood is good too, walnut me thinks, but that's not such a good idea.

"Zack" said...

I can tell by looking at it that it is possessed by demons and must be destroyed. Do your civic duty and shoot it!

Seriously, that old revolver looks like it has had some adventures. Good find! It would be a great carry.