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Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Marie Antoinette Files: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey

Mackey is just another tone-deaf CEO, sitting on top of piles of money extracted from his workers and who is not willing to help them out:
On Wednesday, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey sent out an email to grocery store employees with a list of benefits and options for those who fall sick during the coronavirus pandemic.

Among his six suggestions was an option for employees to “donate” their paid time off (PTO) to coworkers facing medical emergencies.

“Team Members who have a medical emergency or death in their immediate family can receive donated PTO hours,” Mackey wrote in an email reviewed by Motherboard, “not only from Team Members in their own location, but also from Team Members across the country.”
One one concession that Mackey will grant is that anyone who is really sick can take unlimited unpaid time off.

So if you're sick and you work for Whole Foods and if, like most people in the lower levels of retail, you're living from paycheck to paycheck, you can come back in to work after you recover and after you're evicted from your apartment.

As one former worker put it:
“You’ve got the richest man in the world asking people who are living paycheck to paycheck to donate to each other. That’s absolute bullshit. With the amount Jeff Bezos makes in one day, he could shut stores down and pay employees to stay safe.”
Once the story broke, Amazon announced that they'd give two weeks paid leave to employees who are at home, dying from Covid-19.


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