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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Trump's Daily Presser

Godalmighty, can he just stop verbally beating off?

And who is that grinning fool behind him and to his right? She doesn't say anything, only bobs her head whenever Trump is spewing his nonsense. Today, the NYSE circuit breaker tripped during his presser.

The DJIA falls during these things. The stock market doesn't believe him.

And this:
President Trump's approval rating has seen a five point decline from its recent all-time high amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a new Gallup poll has found.

In a Gallup survey released this week, 44 percent of Americans said they approve of the job Trump is doing as president, down from the 49 percent he earned in February as the Senate prepared to acquit him in his impeachment trial. That 49 percent approval rating was the highest of Trump's presidency.
And this:
Just 37% of Americans now say they had a good amount or a great deal of trust in what they're hearing from the president, while 60% say they had not very much or no trust at all in what he's saying.
That's the payoff for spending three years lying about everything there is, from matters of consequence to trivial bits of bullshit. This emperor is naked, Pinnochio's nose is ten feet long.

Only Trumpanzees trust Trump.

Also, Kansas just called off its school year.


seafury said...

Look for the election to be cancelled soon. Many people are saying he should have a 12 year term. Possibly he can appoint governors who will appoint senator and congressmen, who will appoint mayors, who will appoint dog catchers........while I'm at it, Stuart Varney will be the secretary of bizness, Rush will be secretary of news Hannity, secretary of fluffing Jerry Falwell jr secretary of religion. Pretty much covers it.
Feel free to add more names to the dream team

Eck! said...

Dream team, no, Nightmare, that's it.

He may attempt it, is sufficient enough.

The reality is by the end of the month the economy will have
slowed so far as to be moribund. If we kick start it its still
likely three to six months back to some resemblance of normal.

Stock market longer still. They are just a bunch of old kids
putting money on Red 13 on the wheel hoping for the big hit.
But a few are seriously betting on companies that may suffer
dearly as who's buying stuff and why not?

We closed the border to Canada... what states will start to
close their boarders? I know that's really fantasy, but...
NYC/NYS might be a player. For those out on the island
(Long Island, NY) getting off it is boats and planes, NYC has
the bridges.


DTWND said...

Not to nitpick, Eck, but on every roulette wheel I’ve seen, 13 is black.

Just trying to lighten the mood. :-)


Ten Bears said...

We didn't close the border with Canada. Canada closed the border.

Eck! said...


Yes, that's the point. It is an impossible bet.


dinthebeast said...

I read the Imperial College paper. Things aren't going back to "normal" for a while.

The infection rate may be suppressed by the tactics being deployed, but would bounce back immediately upon their relaxation.

The widespread deployment of an effective vaccine to stand up herd immunity is still a year off at the outside, although we may see some antiviral drugs before then.

The betting markets have Biden winning the election now, and after getting stomped into the dirt last night, Bernie might be wise to consider not forcing the rest of the primaries to be held in the thick of the pandemic.

So which is it, Republicans? A trillion dollars of stimulus, or the denial of paid leave for affected workers and their families?

It's odd to see all of the shelter in place orders from this snowed in hillside that I couldn't leave if I wanted to.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

One issue is herd immunity as Corona virus traditionally only confer short
term immunity. This generally helps but it means the virus will be a
seasonal recurrent thing.

A Vaccine may be better. If we can get the antivaxers to do that.