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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Trump Opts for Secrecy; Pandemic Ed.

The White House has ordered federal health officials to treat top-level coronavirus meetings as classified, an unusual step that has restricted information and hampered the U.S. government’s response to the contagion, according to four Trump administration officials.
The White House insistence on secrecy at the nation’s premier public health organization, which has not been previously disclosed, has put a lid on certain information - and potentially delayed the response to the crisis. COVID19, the disease caused by the virus, has killed about 30 people in the United States and infected more than 1,000 people.
In a public-health emergency, the best thing to do is to get the word out, to keep everyone in the know.

It seems that President Clown-Shoes can do nothing right. His usual methods of dealing with threats: bullshit, bluff and bluster, have no effect against a virus.


MarkS said...

If our experience compares in any way with Lombardy's, we're going to be patient zero for the "if you can't live with reality don't worry, it will come live with you" epidemic.

CenterPuke88 said...

NBA suspends season...some “hoax”.

dinthebeast said...

Where are we gonna get ten million hospital beds, and who is gonna decide who gets one?

-Doug in Oakland

Stewart Dean said...

". His usual methods of dealing with threats: bullshit, bluff and bluster, have no effect against a virus. "
Or, as a NYTimes opinion piece was titled, "You Can't Gaslight a Virus"

Glen Filthie said...

Given the tendency of elderly boomers and gullible, uninformed shitlibs to panic.... it’s probably a good call.

No, comrade, you are not going to die from Coronavirus. In 3-6 weeks you’ll be cursing the Bad Orange Man for something else equally stupid. All you’ll have to remember this fake panic by is the mountains of TP and bottled water you stockpiled. What will be the next outrage de jour be, I wonder? Elderly cackling hens with rape fantasies trying to block a judicial appointment? The orange bad man making fun of the Democrat nominee for POTUS and his problems with dementia? By all means - entertain us, Comrade! 😆👍

Comrade Misfit said...

Dear Mr. Filthie:

With all due love and respect: Go fuck yourself, your horse, and everyone who looks like you.

Stewart Dean said...

In some cases, it's more damning just to leave a cluelessly idiotic post up than to delete it to clear the comment section.

DTWND said...

"Given the tendency of elderly boomers and gullible, uninformed shitlibs to panic...."

I believe he omitted those that watch FOX News and believe it to be true.


Dark Avenger said...

How will our Dear Leader fix this, Herr Filthie? Your philippic ,save for a choice of language, reminded me of PRK propaganda.

Eck! said...

When you reach a certain age and depend on medicine covid-19
has way to high a risk!

If the drugs are imported well, life just got interesting
and runs the risk of complications. Especially if your
continued well being is irectly connected to that.

GF, if your over 60 and more so over 70 and take any cardiac
or diabetic drugs you are in that high risk group. IF your
prone breathing problems like bronchitis or Pneumonia its
a serious thing for any bug like the flu or Covid-19. Of
course you are free to disbelieve it all and run that risk.

Me I think I have a better change with red-12 in the Roulette
Wheel. I'd rather not be playing.


Steve J said...

Dammit, Mr. Filthie figured out the secret plan of the Libs to kill off hundreds of Chinese and Italians in an effort to make Trump look bad. Which one of you talked?

Ten Bears said...

Yes, it would appear the liberal plot to make Red-hats look stupid, AKA Just Let Them Speak, is working splendidly.

Glen Filthie said...

Well thank you so much for the kind regards, everyone! And much the same to you in return! :)

My question and issue with this, Comrade, is that I am hearing two different things. The more legit sources are saying that this thing is hardly worse than the regular flu. The hot heads are saying it is the Black Death. Say what you will of him, Trump will have better info than we do... and he isn't panicking. He has goaded leftists and neolibs into beclowning themselves for the past four years straight... and if I didn't know any better... it looks like he is setting up to do it again.

I'll check back in a couple weeks with you all, when I'm sure you'll all line up in an orderly fashion behind our Comrade to profusely apologize for all the rotten things you've said about me. ;)

Dark Avenger said...

The information is out there, Herr Filthie.

For six weeks behind the scenes, and now increasingly in public, Trump has undermined his administration’s own efforts to fight the coronavirus outbreak — resisting attempts to plan for worst-case scenarios, overturning a public-health plan upon request from political allies and repeating only the warnings that he chose to hear. Members of Congress have grilled top officials like Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Centers for Disease Control Director Robert Redfield over the government’s biggest mistake: failing to secure enough testing to head off a coronavirus outbreak in the United States. But many current and former Trump administration officials say the true management failure was Trump’s.

“It always ladders to the top,” said one person helping advise the administration’s response, who noted that Trump’s aides discouraged Azar from briefing the president about the coronavirus threat back in January. “Trump’s created an atmosphere where the judgment of his staff is that he shouldn’t need to know these things.”


MarkS said...

GF, you are way out over your skis here. Let's see what happens in 2-3 weeks.Watch Italy & Iran; we're in worse shape.Bank it.

Eck! said...


If your wrong we will not have to apologize, as you may be
possibly dead. or very ill. Which is far worse then being
simply wrong.

If you are right and what are the odds if a bus hits you or
that flu that kills a many tens of thousands doesn't get you.

Right now considering you have no vaccine and maybe little
to no hospital care available if they fill up.

The only proof is go find a infected person and get infected.
Report back assuming you can.

So place your bet, its only your life.


Glen Filthie said...

Guten morgen to you too, Dark Avenger!

Yes, I have noticed the mass media has been FULL of slander and smears about mein Orange Hitler. (Why do you guys always dig up Hitler’s corpse every time you are on the wrong side of history?) On any given day, The dancing monkeys at CNN or the carpet baggers at The New York Slimes are peddling outright falsehoods too. Yawn. They’ve lost so much credibility that no one with a triple digit IQ can trust them anymore. Their ratings and circulation have dived to the point they’ve had to downsize and lay off staff. (Serves them right, seeing as how they are really nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Democrat party). In all seriousness, I do not trust them and neither should you. Trump has made enemies as he drained the swamp, and of course they will try to use the media against him. Stupid people will obviously fall for it - they’ll even vote for a geriatric Democrat candidate with health problems and dementia. Right now the media slobs are telling me that Biden would make a better POTUS too. When I see that geriatric bleeding from the eyes, or forgetting where he is, or what he’s talking about... you’ll have to pardon me for being suspicious of them.

Looking at your piece from the fags at Politico.com:
Which plans has he overturned? What attempts to undermine the first responders did he make? In case you missed it (the media slobs at politico.com did) - the World Health Organization only gave this thing a pandemic rating the day before yesterday. Who are the sources saying this stuff? Good grief, guys... who? What? Where? When? How? These are the basics of journalism, even you should know this.

In any case, some good news warmed the cockles of my cold hard heart yesterday: our soy boy Prime Minister’s wife has it, which means Prime Minister Pink Socks probably has it too! I hope it kills both of them and I am rooting for the virus! If Justin Turdo dies, I will buy a round for the house!!!😆😆😆 Funny, that. Our liberal slob of a Prime Minister was even more unprepared than Trump... and there is nothing said about that at all, I wonder why?

In 3 weeks The Usual Suspects will be sounding the alarm about SARS, or Ebola or The Vapours again. The question we should be asking ourselves is... why are our leaders always trying to scare us to death? But... don’t let me hold you up! You need to stock up on TP and bottled water dontchya know!!! And - although you shouldn’t need your president to tell you this - let me jump in and lend a hand! “Remember to wipe and wash your hands!”

Dark Avenger said...

Herr Filthie, that’s why I had the link, so you could read the whole article instead of using up our gracious hosts bandwidth. That you choose not to do so, along with your homophobic bigotry, posted on the website of CM who is herself gay, really shows your true colors. Thanks for demonstrating how American values inform your thinking.

Ten Bears said...

It's just doin' it for fun, DA. Ignore it, it will go away.

CenterPuke88 said...

Sorry, Ten Bears, but the American Nazi types won’t just go away, they feel empowered by 🍊. We just have to tolerate their sexist and violent commentary.

Tod Germanica said...

Well, Glenn Filthy, you won't need to stock up on TP because you just use your fingers. Good Web handle for you BTW. Never wash those filthy hands, nearly as vile as your mind. Thought you said you'd check back in a month and here you are again. So you're a masochistic then as well as a trumpite cultist. Sad. Sick. Un-American. In fact essentually Russian. You'd love it there.

dinthebeast said...

Dr. David Ho, the researcher who figured out how to treat HIV by interfering with the virus' ability to replicate, has been funded to study the novel coronavirus by one of the richest men in China.

That's a rare bright spot in this shit show, but even he has said that an available, effective drug is still months away, so we'll have to deal with the first wave of infections without any meaningful medical interventions.

He also pointed out that the two areas his lab is focusing on to come up with a possible "hit" on this virus (protease and polymerase) have been thoroughly researched by HIV and Hepatitis C researchers, so they have an existing body of work to base their new research on.

So, say, those scientists at the USDA that Fergus ran out of the government, they could have been fast tracking those areas of study for a couple of months now, which kinda seems like a good thing to have been doing about a pandemic in which the case numbers are doubling every few days.

-Doug in Oakland