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Friday, March 20, 2020

It's Horrifying to Watch

The latest daily soap opera: As the Asshole Bloviates, otherwise known as Trump's coronavirus press conferences.

He just gets up there and lies his fucking ass off about anything and everything, with Pence providing Trump with hummers on demand.


Tewshooz said...

Lying? Give us an example

CenterPuke88 said...

His lips were moving?

I (unfortunately) watched the Campaign Pep Rally disguised as a Press Conference, and the word salad served up was bewildering. His use of the English language is beyond strange and well into absurd. A penny for Pence’s real thoughts.

Comrade Misfit said...

With Trump's documented lies running around 18,000 since he took office, the burden of proof now lies with those who claim that Trump is telling the truth.

Trump said he believed that a combination of medications he announced Thursday would would work to treat the virus. Fauci said no such declaration could be made without testing, again highlighting the sharp divide between data-driven health officials and a president who admits he follows his gut.

In other words, he's lying.

Stewart Dean said...

CP88, there's a hamster on an exercise wheel between his ears. That's all.

Eck! said...

It is amazing the simian poser speaks, and at Glactic
Standard Minimum English.
Its an unusual thing that its anything intelligible.
What's fascinating that when it makes sense its a lie.

However what absolutely mind blowing is there are people
that believe there is truth in it.

Actually they are testing several drugs and it seems
"encouraging" but the level of study is a notch above
anecdotal at best. Much too small a sample size.


DTWND said...

It’s very telling when NBC’s Peter Alexander asks Trump what he would say to soothe the nerves of scared Americans that Trump attacks Alexander as a sensationalist reporter. Yet later in the same press conference, he asks Pence the same question and Pence acts much more presidential by giving a calm, reasoned, 2 minute response.

Trump voters just cannot admit that they were taken in by the snake oil salesman, their hatred of Clinton was so severe it was clouding their judgement. Perhaps they’ll have a come to Jesus moment in November. If we make it that far.


Constitutional Insurgent said...

DTWND - It's not merely the hatred of Clinton at play here, hell...CoVID 19 was somehow Obama's fault to the legion of sycophants.

Deadstick said...

"a president who admits he follows his gut."

I have a gut too. It's full of shit.

Comrade Misfit said...

In this afternoon's episode, Trump said "I'm a smart guy."

I've known a lot of very smart people. Not a single one of them would
have told you that. They let their abilities speak for them. My
experience has been that those who say "I'm really smart" tend to range
from "barely average" to "as dumb as a bag of hammers.".

Nebris said...

TBH, I’m hoping the entire leadership of *both* parties AND the Pundit Class get infected and die.