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Friday, March 13, 2020

Trump's "National Emergency"

Anyone else watching this Trump-CEO Fellatio-Fest outside of the White House?

Pence might as well get down on his knees and give Trump a hummer on live TV. He is nothing but an old, grey whore. He gave a master class in toadyism.


B said...

This time I have to agree with you

CenterPuke88 said...

Just had the dubious pleasure of listen to two older couples (70+) gush about the Presidential speech and all the details and useful data. Then they moved to berating Pelosi for blocking aid by tacking on a “huge abortion provision”.

J4rh34d said...

My 70+ wife and I may gush at Trump's announcement, but it's from our nether ends.

Ten Bears said...

Shouts out @ my house re. The Trump Flu.

Tongue out of cheek, seriously, balls on a brass monkey, I’m kinda’ wondering now, with ranking members – presidents, prime ministers, cabinet members and attendants – of foreign governments in recent contact with drumpf uck both formally in DC (and elsewhere) and informally at Mara Largo (and elsewhere): Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Italy … testing out positive for novel coronavirus19 how many people, not just world leaders but how many people have the Trumps infected?

Pigpen51 said...

I am not a fan of Donald Trump's character, of which he has none. However, I do like many of his policies. I am very disappointed at others. I say this not to build him up, but as a point of reference.
My question would be, is it possible that, while grandstanding with these CEO's, he did it not completely to pat himself on the back, but because some of his people wanted to try and get out the message, as well as he himself, that the administration had this virus situation firmly under control, and had both public and private sectors working together on things, and hoping to keep from seeing riots and such. I say this, because I was out and about just Friday, and spoke to a guy who told me that he heard of a huge fight in Walmart here in Michigan, with a few knives involved.
I can't confirm that, but it is a danger. The hand sanitizer was gone in the store I went to, and the toilet paper as well. They told me that they could not even get it on the shelves,people took it off the carts right at the door of the stock room.
If this doesn't belong here, I apologize, as I don't mean to cause you any problems. One caution, if Trump is elected, and then is removed from office, we get Pence. I have a friend who lives in Indiana, and she told me before the 2016 presidential election what an awful governor he was. I have not seen anything that would make her wrong. But if he is ever president, I would bet that after 2 years, people would prefer Trump, who at least had his own party to sometimes keep him in check, Pence would be in lockstep with the party, to our detriment.


irie said...

That “abortion provision” was all over Facebook. I called someone out on it and they actually researched and admitted it was fake. I was surprised.

0_0 said...

Pence may be worried that working to contain Wuhan Flu won't prevent Vice President Haley.

Ten Bears said...

I think Digby reads my blog ...