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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Word of a Billionaire Politician is Worth Nothing

Former field organizers for Michael R. Bloomberg filed two proposed class-action lawsuits against his presidential campaign Monday, arguing that they and thousands of others laid off this month had been tricked into taking jobs they were told would last until November.

The lawsuits, both filed in federal court in New York City, argued that the campaign had recruited staff members to work on Mr. Bloomberg’s bid under false pretenses, preventing them from pursuing other opportunities. One of the suits, brought by a former field organizer in Florida, also alleged the campaign had breached its contract with its organizers and failed to pay them necessary overtime.
In short, Bloomberg hired all of those people and told them, whatever happens, that they would have jobs through November. But then Elizabeth Warren eviscerated him in a debate and he, not his staff, not the people producing his slick ads, fell apart.
Nearly a dozen other former campaign workers expressed frustration in interviews on Friday, saying the pay and promises of job security through November had been key reasons they joined Mr. Bloomberg’s long-shot campaign. They requested anonymity to speak because of nondisclosure agreements they had signed with the campaign and a desire not to jeopardize the remaining pay the campaign had promised them.
Bloomberg, like almost every other billionaire, treats people like disposable widgets or interchangeable parts.

His word, like the guy he was trying to replace, is as worthless as a guarantee of safe-conduct from Maj. Strasser.

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