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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Billionaire Suggests That Workers Should Just Get Sick

Miami Beach Commissioner Ricky Arriola on Friday at an emergency city meeting asked if there were doctors in the audience. Nobody answered. He suggested that if people who survive the coronavirus then have immunity — like the chicken pox — then the city can take steps to help others.

“Assuming you make it through,” Arriola said, before describing what he called a “dangerous but bold” idea: “First responders voluntarily taking one for the team” and then developing immunity.
Arriola is one of those billionaires who mucks around in government as a hobby because he's bored or some shit.

It's about what one would expect from a mini-Trump.

Meanwhile, the moronic bint who licked a toilet seat in a "coronavirus challenge" should be strapped to a luggage cart and flogged through the terminals at KATL.


Dark Avenger said...

I have a list of those who can take one for the team:
Jeff Bezos
Rupert Murdoch
Bill Gates
Betsy DeVous.

dinthebeast said...

"The Federalist" suggested "COVID-19" parties to deliberately infect children.

-Doug in Sugar Pine