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Thursday, February 10, 2011

zOMG!!!1!! Teh Gay Pirates Are Invading Tampa!!!!!1!!!1!

At least that is what one of the politicians from the Confederate party is claiming.
Eugene Delgaudio, a Republican official in Virginia’s Loudon County, best known for claiming that gay TSA agents were getting their jollies patting down male passengers’ junk, is sending out a letter to his constituents claiming that radical homosexual pirates have invaded Tampa Bay, Florida, and are roaming the streets.
I gather the shindig started out as some family-friendly celebration of the days of plundering ships, raping, pillaging and burning villages and hanging people by the hundreds, until, that is, gay folk got involved in the party.

So how did they do it?
Organizers started by purposefully making the parade route zig-zag so no one could call it a “straight parade.”
At times, it is just too easy to mock these clowns in the Republican party.

So here's the H/T and I'll leave you with this:


Fixer said...

Thanks for the link!

Allan S said...

Tee Hee, now you'll see a deluge of anti-gay Tea Baggers rush to Florida to see the gayness for themselves...for research reasons only of course...Allan