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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The World Has Turned Upside Down

Never would I have imagined that Fox News would go after the Republicans for the Patriot Act. Never would I have expected Fox News to go after Bush for illegally detaining an American citizen.

But Shepard Smith did.


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BadTux said...

Judge Napolitano has been the one voice at Faux that has been consistently against the Patriot Act and he has consistently been against the notion of declaring American citizens to be "enemy combatants". I'm not sure why Faux keeps bringing him on, I guess a) he gives cover to their own extreme positions, and b) he's completely on the side of law and order on other issues where Faux backs the law-and-order position, as you'd expect from a former judge.

But anyhow, he seems to be influencing some of the folks up there, he musta snuck some drugs into Shep's water :).

- Badtux the Fox-hunting Penguin